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Complete the form as 5 lucky women will win over $150 in SpeakingJoy books, game cards, and other gifts along with a copy of her HIGHLY anticipated new book, Finding Authentic Rhythm: How to Win on YOUR Terms in Corporate America launching in February 2023! One lucky winner will have a chance for their review to be included in the book! All submissions must be completed by the end of her presentation.    

Coming in February 2023. Pre-order now for your autographed copy!

Finding Authentic Rhythm: How to Win on YOUR Terms in Corporate merica


Women, especially women of color, comprise one of the fastest-growing segments in Corporate America. Yet, they are often underrepresented, underpaid, invisible, and in many cases, existing as an “only” or one of a few at their corporate tables. They feel burdened to prove their worthiness and fear they must change and compromise the very essence of who they are to be successful. These women do not realize they are slowly losing their authentic rhythm! 

Finding Authentic Rhythm takes readers on a journey to: 

  • Find their purpose

  • Navigate the unwritten rules of success 

  • Stand out on purpose

  • Become strategic versus busy

  • Slay in their own lane


Readers will be guided through the journey of authenticity with practical advice, engaging tools, reflective questions, and real-life scenarios. For any woman who has ever lost her way or feels stuck in her career, this book will provide a fail-proof recipe to win with the authentic version of herself, no matter her age or stage.