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2020, The Year of Great Revelation!

Perfect eyesight is often referred to as having 20/20 vision; this is the ability to see clearly what should typically be seen at that distance.

What lessons and new insights did 2020 reveal for you?

2020 has stretched us all. Whether this was your best or worst year, it has taught us many things about ourselves, the state of the world, race, diversity, global health, economic disparities, and the list goes on and on. It's reminded us of what's essential in life and how to value the simple things.

2020 felt like a year of constant challenges that came with more pain than joy. It was the type of pain that caused us to take notice and see the pain of others.

It made us stop and ask, "What is going on in the world, and what can I do to make a difference?"

2021 is a call to action for us to leverage all the lessons, new insights, and experiences of 2020 to truly understand what has been revealed to us. It is time for us to set a new vision and path for our lives and our communities. It is time for us to be the difference and elevate to the next level in creating a more fair, just, equal, peaceful, happy, and joyous world.

2021 can be different if we are different. It starts with us asking ourselves three key questions and, most importantly, being accountable for the answers.

1. What did 2020 teach you about yourself? What did you learn about yourself that has contributed to the state of others? Take the time and think about it. Be honest and vulnerable. What did 2020 reveal that you needed to see, own, and be accountable for so that others can experience the joy and elevation that's needed in 2021.

2. What have I previously taken for granted that I now treasure? Wow, that's a big one. Personally, there are so many things in the past that I had taken for granted. 2020 has taught me to treasure and have more gratitude around everyday experiences. We operate each day with many privileges that we lack the vision to even see as a privilege. Let's be more intentional in seeing how our experiences differ from others.

3. What is one thing that you will do differently in 2021? Change starts at the individual level. We all can create a more peaceful 2021 if we make this a priority. You don't need a list of five or ten things; focus on one, and be disciplined. Most importantly, make your one thing count.

While 2020 has come with tremendous uncertainty, it has also come with many opportunities and new revelations. Let's seize everything we learned in 2020 and elevate and make the best of 2021!

All the best to you Beautiful People.

SpeakingJoy by Joy Fitzgerald



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