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Facing my FEAR

One year ago, I faced my fear and took a chance on MY dream!

As early as I can remember, I desired to write a book and become an author. The thought, process, and time to write appeared overwhelming and at times scary. So, I did what most do… and said, “not now or maybe next year.”

Sounds familiar? How many of you have lifetime dreams, goals, or desires in which you continue to delay or make excuses for based on fear or lack of focus?

What’s holding you back? What is it that you really fear? Failure, a lack of acceptance, or even that big word called TIME! See, fear and time had allowed me to give myself permission to deprioritize my dreams.

Today, I am humbled, amazed and overjoyed to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my first book “The Journey to Joy: 5 Generations Share Stories Every Woman Needs to Hear.” I faced my fear and made time for my dream. It has truly been a journey of joy.

I encourage you today to be bold and revisit that ONE thing you desire to accomplish and do it!Stop waiting on TIME and stop being AFRAID… Your dreams are worth it. The world is depending on you to DREAM BIG!

Speaking Joy


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