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Are you ready to take date night to the next level?? ❤️❤️


Have you ever wondered what HE or SHE is thinking?? Do you find it awkward to ask those meaningful relationship questions? 


THE TALK card deck creates a deeper dialogue between partners and helps you to uncover the beliefs, motivations, and values of one another.


Over 70 QUALITY open ended questions that will help you and others have a night of endless fun!


Recommended age: 18  years and above


Players: 2 or more

The TALK: Couples Edition

SKU: 366615376135191
$19.99 Regular Price
$16.99Sale Price
  • Connect one-on-one with your partner with The TALK: the ultimate card deck that fosters open communication, deeper dialogue and even uncover your partner’s values, beliefs, motivations and more!


    Get to know your other half better and really dig deep into what he or she is thinking – discover their likes, dislikes, childhood memories, and get the sparks flying between the two of you. After all, we empathize more with others when we see the bigger picture of who they are as a human being – and what better way to achieve that than by simply talking?


    With this deck, you can expect:


    ✔️70+ open-ended questions!

    ✔️Get to know your partner inside out

    ✔️Uncover their beliefs, motivations and future goals

    ✔️Foster deep communication that strengthens your bond

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