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Over 70 QUALITY open ended questions that will help you and others have a night of endless fun!


Recommended age: 13 years and above


Players: 2 or more

The TALK: Game Night Edition

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$19.99 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Searching for the ultimate game to enjoy with family and friends? Meet the TALK Game Night Edition Card Deck!


    With over 70 open-ended questions, expect a whole night of endless fun with this versatile card deck that is designed to inspire deep, thought-provoking conversations. Foster open and meaningful conversation with those you love most, inspiring you to re-connect in an age of stunted communication. The TALK is the perfect game for family nights in and Zoom calls alike, to break the ice and the rest will follow!


    Sharing laughter and fun with friends and family helps build meaningful relationships, and can foster love, empathy and facilitate positive communication. Whether you’re on vacation, at a camping trip or evening BBQ, simply pack this deck in your bag and you’re good to go!


    ✔️70 open-ended questions!

    ✔️The best card game to connect with your loved ones

    ✔️Enjoy endless amounts of fun and belly-laughs!

    ✔️Uncover cherished memories and past experiences

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