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The Journey to Joy

Countless women struggle to navigate the complex world of womanhood. During life’s most difficult and trying times, such as, puberty, dating, marriage, motherhood, career, and menopause, many yearn for not only a listening ear, but words of wisdom and clarity only born from experience. Wisdom found through the voices of mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers—elders that for many, have long ago left this earth.


Blessed with five generations of strong women ranging from ages 22 to 100, we bring you a collection of stories that every woman needs to hear. Raw, real, and offering a different generational perspective, we share stories of faith, courage, strength, and survival. Every page is filled with vulnerability and transparency as we expose our hearts and our healing. Each story concludes with a life lesson and reflection questions to encourage growth.


Rich with lessons for women and men, The Journey to Joy, helps readers better understand the power and strength of being a woman and how to better love the women in your life.


 The Journal to Joy

The Journal to Joy offers weekly reflections to help you experience more self-love, faith, and happiness. It is designed to provide you with opportunities to engage in deep reflection and purposeful thought. It will require you to focus on yourself, your life, and areas of importance and priority.


The Journal to Joy can be used as a standalone opportunity of self-reflection, discovery, and goal development. Or, it can be used as a supplement to the book The Journey to Joy: 5 Generations Share Stories That Every Woman Needs to Hear.

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